Wellbeing Partnerships

We understand that having a safe and secure home provides a foundation for our tenants to look forward with hope. But a roof over your head is just the start. That’s why our partners are so important to the work we do.

With secure housing in place our tenants can then draw upon a range of other supports to assist them on their journey. Every day our tenants benefit from the support, encouragement, life skills and community engagement offered by our partners.

We are always open to discussions about working together, however that might look. Each partnership is unique and requires something different to be brought to the table.

We are open, flexible and enthusiastic about where partnerships will take us – and our tenants – into the future.

If you are part of an organisation interested in joining Foundation Housing’s network of support partnerships to deliver safer, healthier and more secure services to our tenants and lodging residents please contact Neal Bodel on 08 9422 0700 or for an initial discussion.

Accessing a Home Advocacy Project with Carers WA

Foundation Housing and Carers WA, are currently undertaking an advocacy project called Accessing a Home. The project aims to identify and address barriers people with disability face when seeking adequate, accessible, affordable and safe homes.

The project will consult with people with disability and their families and carers to determine and detail their experiences of accessing suitable housing in Western Australia. It will also identify opportunities for reform and advocate for changes to the system to address the barriers identified.

People with disability and their carers are at the core of the project and we are seeking feedback from you on your experiences in seeking, gaining and maintaining a home.

Foundation Housing and Carers WA will approach advocacy in an active way, seeking innovative solutions to systemic barriers and lobbying for change at multiple levels with government, service providers, the housing sector and the property development industry.

Please visit to complete a survey and find out more about the project. For further information or to share your story please call Felicity Mitchell on 1300 CARERS (1300 227 377) or email

Catalyst Clemente

Course participants Michelle, Pontip and Matilda show off their new ECU student cards

Catalyst Clemente teaches university courses in the arts and humanities to mature aged learners in a community setting. Clemente students undertake one unit per semester, taking a total of four units over a period of two years. Once complete, students receive a University Certificate in Humanities and Arts – which enables entry into a relevant Edith Cowan University Bachelor’s Degree.

Foundation Housing works in partnership with Catalyst Clemente to support our tenants to take part in the program. Since it was introduced 12 students have commenced and one has recently graduated.
Many students say the supportive, group setting in a local setting makes a positive difference in their return to education.

Clement is designed for people who have not had the opportunity to complete higher education in the past due to challenges in life – including financial constraints, health and social issues, and other factors.
Clemente teaches a range of arts and humanities subjects depending on which unit is offered each semester. Students learn critical thinking, communication and writing skills and reading and interpreting texts.

Supporting access to further education for our tenants is an effective way to assist them engage with the community and enhance their wellbeing.

Palmerston at Hampton Road

Palmerston is an organisation that provides counselling and support for individuals affected by drugs and alcohol use.  A Palmerston worker runs a two-hour outreach session at the Hampton Road Lodging House each week, offering information and assessments to residents who may be considering making changes in their life around these issues.

On site access to further information about what services are available to help our residents address drug and alcohol addiction is a significant and practical form of support for residents at Hampton Road.  The information is available for residents either experiencing substance abuse themselves, or coping with the addiction of someone close to them.

By working with Palmerston, Foundation can begin to tackle the complexity of issues that contribute to individuals experiencing housing instability and which pose significant barriers to individuals being independent and well in the long term.


OzHarvest makes a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable residents through the redistribution of quality surplus food.

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Food Rescue

Food Rescue is a service provided by UnitingCare West committed to rescuing fresh, nutritious food which provides much needed nourishment to some of our residents.

Sophie Budd at Hampton Road

Sophie and the team

Sophie and the team

Sophie Budd from Taste Budds Cooking Studio  worked at Foundation Housing’s lodging house at 100 Hampton Road during 2014 and 2015 using food and cooking to help the residents of the lodge gain skills, build social connections and even find pathways to employment in the hospitality sector. Sophie’s initial involvement was through arts organisation FORM and grew to become a much loved regular Monday cooking workshop that saw residents prepare meals for the lodge community using food donated by Food Rescue.



PUBLIC_100_Hampton_Road_Horré-031100 Hampton was a project designed by FORM which worked with the residents of a 190-bed lodging house at 100 Hampton Road, Fremantle. It was part of the broader PUBLIC program that explored how art and creativity can be used for public good. Through the support of BHP Billiton, FORM created a rich project of artist residencies, renovations, and social programming with the aim of bringing residents together in a positive, creative, and convivial environment, and enhancing their involvement within the local community.

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